Rollie Troup - Chairman, Saturday Night Event

Mimi Kronick Fisher - Graphics, Decorations, Flyers, Posters

Judy Pinck Kauffman - Decorations, Friday Lawn Bowling

Marsha Chernoff Golob - Food, Beverages

Bonnie Sell - Food, Refreshments, direct mailers

George Kohan - Website, Finance, Email announcements

Bruce Wallace - Finance

Susie Berg Feldman - Registrations

Vicki Goodman Rivas - Hotel Interface

Kent Robbins - Pictures

Grace Starkey Child - Planning, Direct Mailings

Parrel Weisman Caplan - Friday Golf , Saturday Night Event

Karen Orbeck Farrell - Planning

If interested, we are happy to have more help,
especially we will need committee members for the Golf Tournament