For Our Veterans

Thank you for your service.....



(If you are a military veteran and wish to be recognized on this page or have additions and corrections to the information provided here, please send that information to us via the "Your News & Updates" page here on our class websie.)


    First Name Last Name Branch Years Served
    Gary Anderson N 1966-1969
    Harold  (Hal) Baker A  
    Richard Barr    
    Thomas Baruth A  
Hal Bitzer N 1969 - 1973
 Ken Bowers AF 1966-1970 
   Dave Brown A 4 years
    Steve Burke A  
   Dave Chorzempa M  
  Jeff Conradi N 6 years
    John Crawford A 1968-1970
    Michael Cyril A  
    Rick Dale AF 1967-1971
    Craig Davidson A 1969-1971
    Lee Davies MNG  
    Fred  Davis A 1969 - 1971
    Jeff  Erieau M  
    Steve  Feldman A 1969-1972
    Mark Freidson A 6 years
    Stan Gale A 1969-1976
    Bretton  Gates N 1965-1971
Greg Gersbach M 1966 - 1969
    Doug Greenberg A  
Greg Griffiths A 1967-1970
    Robert Gullifer AF  
    Curtis Hall A  
    Ron Hall AF 1968-1972
Tom Harland A Viet Nam
    Alan  Held A 1969-1975
Stephen Hickey M 1965 - 1968
    Walter Huestis N 22 years
    Michael Hurley N 1969-1972
    John Ilstrup* A KIA Vietnam
    Dale Jensen N 1967-1968
    Grant Jensen AF 1967-1970
Alan Julin A 1968-1970
    Paul Kays N 4 years
Jim Kelly A 1967 - 1970
    Mike Kittelson A 1966  - 1968
    Jim Levy ANG 1966-1972
    Richard Locketz AF 1966-1970
    Chuck Martinson AF 4 years
Don Morss AF 4 years
    Ron  Morss A 27 years
    Terry Neidlinger M  
    Jeff Nelson* A 30 years
    Richard Nestor AF 4 years
    Byron Nordell N  
    Larry Oberg N 1969-1972
    Lenny Oslund AF 1966-1970
    David Peterson N 1966-1970
    Gary Pioske A 1968-1970
    Randy Resnick AF  
    Patricia Bach Robbins  A 1969-1976
    Jim Sargeant* N  
    John Sargeant A 2.5 years
    Dave Schodde M 1968-1969 (Purple Heart)
    Barry Siewert A 6 years
    Tommy Sipkins A  
    John Skalet AF 1969-1973
    Bruce Smith AF 8 years
Lee Soloman A 1966 - 1968
    William Southworth A 1969-1970
    Jerry Strong A 2 years
    Kenneth Tupper N 1965-1971  
    Robert Wagner A 1974-1977
    James Weisler* AF KIA Cambodia
1968 - 1969
    Robert Wexler A 3 years
    Tom Wilcox N 6 years
    Michael Wilds N 1967-1973
    Warren Witt A 1967-1969
    Craig  Wylie A 2 years
* indicates deceased